Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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2021 Navigating Uncharted Waters

Price: $6.00

The focus of the 2021 LCWR reflection book is Navigating Uncharted Waters, which draws from the theme of the 2020 presidential address of Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ. In her address, Jayne invited people to consider what type of vessels they need as they set “sail into deep, uncharted waters that await us.” Sea navigation is an apt metaphor for living in the world today when so little in life is clear, simple, or risk-free. Reference points, landmarks, and navigation tools that may have been helpful resources for traversing life in the past often seem much less effective today as people face complex choices and decisions in life and in leadership.

In this reflection book, 40 LCWR member explore what it means to be in uncharted waters. Their writing will be accompanied by artwork by women religious as well as questions and suggestions for deepening the reader's own prayer.

The cost of each book is $6.00, plus shipping and handling. Discounted prices are available for orders larger than 10 copies. Revenue from this LCWR project helps defray the costs of the resources and programs the conference provides its members.


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