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LCWR offers its members a wide variety of publications designed to keep them informed of current information and events regarding the conference and religious life. These publications are available to the public as well.

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Update (April 2007)

In February I had the opportunity and the privilege to participate in two meetings, each associated with LCWR. The first was actually a series of meetings with bishop members of the Commission on Religious Life and Ministry, members of the executive committee of CMSWR, and members of the executive committees and national boards of CMSM and LCWR. The second was a meeting of the members of the LCWR History Committee and Design Island, the professional company that is designing the exhibit.

Inter-Religious Dialogue for Peace (Apr. 2007, Vol. 16, No. 2)

I have just read A Mighty Heart, Mariane Pearl’s book about Daniel Pearl’s murder by terrorists in Pakistan. It occurs to me that my education did not provide enough information about Pakistan, about Muslim distress over the division of Hindus and Muslims in 1945, and certainly not enough knowledge of the confl ict over Kashmir. This is only one area that I feel I should know more about to be a responsibly informed adult in our multi-cultural world.

Update (March 2007)

A few months ago, I attended the Broadway musical Les Miserables. Though set in the context of the French Revolution, the story reflects universal longings for justice and peace, whatever our differences may be. I was deeply moved by the powerful rendition of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.” As I listened, I could not help but wonder if and when the many tables emptied by our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan will be filled again.

Update (February 2007)

Finally! We got several inches of fluffy snow last night, the sun is shining, and the good news is that it is so cold the snow won’t melt. It is Martin Luther King holiday, so kids are making snow angels, folks are shoveling, and the big “kids” with snowblower toys are happily sending snow to their neighbors’ yard. Now doesn’t that sound like someone who likes Minnesota winters?  It’s true!  The grey/brown days of no snow and 40 degree weather do not make my heart sing. The beauty and silence of fresh snow does. For me, it creates a sense of wonder and awareness of the world around me.

TORTURE (Feb. 2007, Vol. 16, No. 1)

The Mayan man said, “We did not want to be like them.” That is what he said about why he did not fi ght back when the army came to get him. The Mayan people of Guatemala suffered greatly during the 36-year civil war ending in 1996. Many were tortured, disappeared, or killed. This reality exists in many countries where there is war or where other forms of domination squelch human rights.  The torture that happened in Guatemala still happens in the world today. 

Update (January 2007)

One of my favorite poets, Jessica Powers, writes, “I am waiting for a green shoot to come out of my stump some morning in this unusual springtime — December’s leaf and blossom, winter’s bird…Now and again though is the message blurred by brief uncertainties."

Update (December 2006)

Last night the dream returned. Details had changed, but patterns were similar to other dreams I have had in recent months. I dream that I am wending my way from room to room in old, comfortable surroundings like the section of our motherhouse that dates back to 1875, or our girls’ academy that is celebrating its 125th anniversary, or my grandparents’ home. I feel secure in these familiar spaces.

Update (November 2006)

On the feast of St. Francis on October 4, I had the opportunity to celebrate with the Franciscan Sisters at Rochester, Minnesota. They, like many other religious communities, mine included, are living into new space after reconfiguring their motherhouse. They blessed the new doorway that will be used by the sisters to access their living and ministry area. It is a doorway to new space, new realities, new patterns of living.

Development and Migration: Empowerment of Women on the Move (Nov. 2006, Vol. 15, No. 4)

In just the past month, we have heard the stories of migrant women from all over the world.  Mandesa from Nigeria attempted to enter Spain on a boat to the Canary Islands. Juana from Mexico works as a nurse with elderly patients in Los Angeles. Asian mafi a traffi cked Sunitha from Sri Lanka to Australia. An Albanian sells his sister to a man migrating to Italy...

Update (October 2006)

This summer I had the privilege of attending three major assemblies:  the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Federation Event, which marked the 40th anniversary of the National Federation of Sisters of Saint Joseph, and the CMSM and LCWR assemblies which both celebrated the close of their jubilee year.  Different cities — for the most part, different people, but a common hope for religious life now and in the future.


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