Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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LCWR Assembly 2020

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to Friday, August 14, 2020

God's Infinite Vision: Our Journey to the Borders and Beyond

August 12, 13, 14 - Online LCWR Assembly

This year's LCWR assembly will be held virtually over the course of August 12, 13, and 14, going for no more than four hours each day. The times will be structured to include collective prayer and ritual, some presentations, time and space for silence and reflection, some LCWR business, and multiple opportunities for contemplative dialogue with one another. Ample time will be given for breaks during the daily sessions and we will strive to make the assembly an enjoyable and easy experience for all.

The exploration of the assembly theme has taken on a new urgency because of the pandemic and how it is impacting life on many significant levels. Being together seems even more imperative. We need time with one another in prayer, conversation, and discernment about how this reality is changing our lives, our institutes, the people we serve, and literally, the entire global community. The world is being irrevocably changed and it cries out for healing, care, and transformation. This assembly will provide times for us to listen together to those cries and ask ourselves collectively how to respond. What does it mean to be in leadership at such a fragile, uncertain time? How do we lead effectively through this crisis? What might we learn from one another? And, what new opportunities has the pandemic provided to change the world order to more closely align with God's infinite vision? What is ours to do to help bring about this vision?

More information about this assembly and how to register will be forthcoming.

Pre-Assembly Opportunities

In order to help us prepare for the assembly, we are offering resources for members and associates to reflect on their own experiences during the pandemic and how these experiences impact your personal lives and your leadership. We believe that these reflections will provide ways to ready us for the important work of the assembly - the exploration of what the world most needs of us at this time.

In addition, opportunities will be provided - for those who wish - to meet online to share on these topics together. Two 75-minute zoom sessions are being prepared and will be offered throughout the months of June and July, for those who would like to prepare for the assembly together. Members and associates have been sent a list of the available times in a Constant Contact message.


"Transforming Our Individual and Collective Grief and Trauma for the Sake of the World" (Download here)


"Embracing Vulnerability in Our Service of Leadership"