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Deepening Groups

Deepening Groups Purpose:

As women religious we are being called into global, universal consciousness, to moving from "I" to "We," allowing the Spirit the opportunity to work in us in new and different ways as we let the life itself teach us how we are being called at this time. In order to foster this process we will be forming virtual/online or in person deepening groups to engage in ongoing communal contemplative dialogue focused on the essence and meaning of religious life.

Some details about the groups:

  • The recommended group size is 5 to 6 participants
  • Persons may sign up as individuals and be assigned to a group or persons can sign up as an already constituted group. If you wish to continue with your deepening group from the 2017 LCWR Assembly, please sign up as a group (You can find contact information for your group members on the LCWR website in the members' directory which is on the members' only side of the website.)
  • We envision that most groups will meet virtually using an online application such as Zoom or Skype.
  • Persons who live in proximity to each other or who connect regularly though regional processes may wish to sign up as a group that will meet in person.
  • Groups will determine together the frequency and length of their meetings. There will be a space on the sign up form to indicate your desired frequency of meeting.
  • At least one member of the group needs to have either a Skype or a Zoom account.
  • The only accountability required is to the group itself.

If you are an LCWR member and wish to join a deepening group please send your name and contact information to (If you are signing on as a group rather than as an individual, please send the names and contact information of all the group members in a single email.)

Below you will find the following attachments:

  • Deepening Group Guidelines
  • Tips for Praying Virtually
  • A Guide to Using Zoom