Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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LCWR Contemplative Greeting Cards

Price: $10.00

This set of 10 folded blank cards offers a means to share a contemplative insight while sending a greeting. The insights on each card are the fruit of the prayer and reflection of leaders of communities of Catholic sisters during a recent LCWR assembly. The set of 10 sells for just $10.00, and the proceeds assist LCWR in its mission to provide education and support to its nearly 1400 members as they lead their communities. 

The texts on the front of the cards are:

  • The ground of our being is communion
  • Contemplation is essential and prophetic
  • Be the gentle face of God for the world
  • Be still and allow the love of God to come forth
  • The more we enter into the depths of Mystery through contemplation, the more we open ourselves to transformation
  • We are called to be the heartbeat of contemplative love within the heartache of our realities
  • Surrender to what is dying and be attentive to what is emerging
  • When we suffer with others, we become more deeply aware of our oneness which is, of, and in God
  • Live in contemplative space, embrace vulnerability, and we will be led to the edge
  • The intersection of contemplation and vulnerability is the leaven that carries the potential to tranform us and the world
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