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Avanti! (Daily Reflection Book)

Price: $6.00

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) presents a new book, Avanti!, a reflective resource for our spiritual journey. The word "avanti", the Italian word for “forward,” was a central focus in the address delivered by LCWR president Sister Sharon Holland, IHM, at the 2015 LCWR assembly where she spoke of the attitudes of heart and mind needed to proceed forward even when what is ahead is dark and unknown.

Avanti! is a collection of reflections written by 30 LCWR members about responding to God who comes to us from the future and invites us to come forward into that unknown. As Catholic women religious leaders share their own interior journey in these reflections, they consider questions such as

  • As you think about God already in the future and urging you forward, what has it been like for you to pray? How do you encounter God, relate to God, communicate with God?
  • What images, stories, or symbols capture your understanding of God as coming from the future beckoning you forward?
  • How does your understanding of God coming to you from the future affect your relationships – with the world, with others, with yourself?
  • What difference is praying from an understanding of God coming from the future making in your life?

Artwork by Catholic sisters, as well as questions and suggestions for deepening the reader’s own prayer, accompany the reflections.

The cost of each book is $6.00, plus shipping and handling. Discounted prices are available for orders larger than 10 copies.

Pre orders for this book along with payment must be received by March 10, 2016.

Orders will be mailed out in April.

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