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Making Meaning of Our Lives

Price: $6.00

LCWR presents a new 2019 reflection book, Making Meaning of Our Lives. This collection of reflections written by more than 40 LCWR members builds on an insight shared by LCWR 2018 president Sister Teresa Maya, CCVI that “our new apostolic call is centered on meaning.” She said, “We need to tell our story, the deep meaning of our lives, that allowed us to do everything we have done…. Our story needs to be shared with a world desperate for meaning and purpose.”

In their reflections, the writers share how they practice meaning-making by describing how they understand and make sense of what happens in their lives. By sharing stories from their own journeys, they provide inspiration for the readers to find deeper meaning and purpose in their own lives, especially as we grapple with the larger questions of life. Those larger questions may be ones such as: Does my life make a difference? If I don’t see any results through the work I have done, has it been worthwhile? Is the manner in which I live making any impact on the world around me? As I get older, does my presence matter?

Artwork by Catholic sisters, as well as questions and suggestions for deepening the reader’s own prayer, accompany the reflections.

The cost of each book is $6.00, plus shipping and handling. Discounted prices are available for orders larger than 10 copies.

Revenue from this LCWR project helps defray the costs of the resources and programs the conference provides its members.  

Questions about orders may be directed to LCWR’s administrative assistant, Bianca Louis, at LCWR will only print the number of copies that are pre-ordered. 

A few copies are still available for purchase.

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