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Intimate Nearness of God (Daily Reflection Book)

Price: $6.00

LCWR presents a new book, The Intimate Nearness of God: A Reflective Journal Exploring Contemplation and Transformation. The phrase, “intimate nearness of God,” comes from the keynote address by Pat Farrell, OSF at the 2016 LCWR assembly where she spoke of the contemplative impulse that has been stirring in and among women religious for some time. She noted that this contemplative focus is positioning religious to respond to a future impossible to anticipate. She posited that “we are being led in this direction for the sake of the church and the world.”

The Intimate Nearness of God is a collection of reflections written by 30 LCWR members about how they are reclaiming and deepening the contemplative dimensions of their lives and how this focus is leading them to an even fuller embodiment of love. They consider questions such as:

  • How are you sensing that your own efforts to pray and live from a contemplative space are making you more open and available to the needs of the world and those you serve?
  • How have you experienced a yearning for God, a stretching toward Love? How have you responded to that yearning? Where has that yearning led you?
  • How has living and leading from a more contemplative place affected your relationships – with the world, with others, with the Divine, with yourself?

Artwork by Catholic sisters, as well as questions and suggestions for deepening the readers’s own prayer, accompany the reflections.

The cost of each book is $6.00, plus shipping and handling. Discounted prices are available for orders larger than 10 copies.

Revenue from this LCWR project helps defray the costs of the resources and programs the conference provides its members.
Questions about orders may be directed to LCWR’s administrative assistant, Bianca Louis, at

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