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Summer 2017: Put Out into the Deep

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This issue of Occasional Papers takes the theme, “Put Out into the Deep,” (Luke 5:4). Through a variety of approaches, we explore the call that comes to us through the complexities of these times – globally, nationally, and within religious life realities. Fragile global economies, acts of terrorism, enormous growths in science, rapidly evolving technologies, as well as seismic changes in our religious communities create conditions that urge us toward deep thought and reflection in ways perhaps not required by earlier times. These times elicit questions that require the best of our thinking, prayer, and discernment. Articles explore how we are being called to live with a depth of engagement with reality that transforms us at our deepest core and leads to action for the common good. Included is an interview with Richard Rohr, OFM, who has been for many years teaching practices of contemplation that express themselves in radical compassion, especially for the socially marginalized, and an interview with Otto Scharmer, well-known for his work with Theory U, "presencing," and leadership.


  • Living a Reflective Life -  In an interview, MIT lecturer and author Dr. C. Otto Scharmer shares insights about leading from the emerging future in this era of great change
  • Noticing the Arrival of Your Highest Future Possibility:  The Power of Deep Listening - Carole Shinnick, SSND offers ideas for becoming a transformative religious life leader
  • Living with Paradox, Uncertainty and Mystery - In an interview, Richard Rohr, OFM reflects on why a life lived with depth is critical for these challenging times
  • Imagining Scriptural Women in Dialogue and Retrieving Spirituality for Our Time - Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM probes the need for a deep spirituality equal to these times
  • From Death to New Life: An Invitation into the Mystery - Paula Cooney, IHM explores how leaders might deal with this period of deep loss within religious life
  • The Transformative Call of Suffering - Sheila Lemieux, CSJP shares the transformative power of multiple experiences of personal and communal loss in her life
  • Leading in a Time of Evolutionary Self-Correction - Marie McCarthy, SP writes on making love the container and the litmus test for all that we do
  • The Hunger for Depth and Meaning Among Millennials - Casper ter Kuile and Angie Thurston offer a perspective on how young adults are partnering with women religious
  • Questions to Go Deeper - Thirteen LCWR members provide powerful questions with potential to transform us at our deepest core
  • For Your Reflection - Ideas for unpacking the insights of these authors and interviewees


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