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Summer 2019: Our Search for Meaning

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The Summer 2019 issue of Occasional Papers is entitled Our Search for Meaning. A document created by LCWR several years ago, “Dimensions of Leadership,” notes that an essential part of spiritual leadership is “an ability to connect the richness of the inner world with the significant challenges and movements of a given time. The symbolic/meaning–making dimension attends to urgent human longings for God, wholeness, meaning and harmony.”

Women religious are increasingly experiencing a call to join with others in this search for meaning. With so much in flux in the world today and with all the ambiguity and uncertainty in our life experiences, being able to find and articulate meaning is an essential component for a healthy and fruitful life.

This issue of Occasional Papers explores some of the significant changes occurring in religious life and the seeds of newness that are appearing – such as the growing intercultural make-up of congregations, the greater sense of an intercongregational religious life, the draw of young adults to women religious in experiences of shared meaning and belonging, as well as all the efforts to right-size our communities to our new realities. The issue also includes reflections by individuals from different fields on how they find meaning: Walter Brueggemann; Margaret Farley, RSM; Edwina Gately; Anthony Gittens, CPPS; Katie Gordon; Nicholas Kristoff; Courtney E. Martin; Jim Martins, SJ; Cokie Roberts; Mary Southard, CSJ; and Jean Stokan.


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