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Winter 2012: Behold, I am Doing Something New... Can You Not Perceive It?

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In this complex world of shifting understandings of the universe, cultivating an ability to perceive the movements of God becomes critical. How do we hone our capacities to perceive? Remembering that perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding by organizing and interpreting the information we take in, we know that perception is not a passive activity. Perception is shaped by learning, memory, and expectation.

This issue of Occasional Papers focuses on how we take in new information and create an openness for seeing and understanding “the new” which God is doing. What does it take to live in the world today where much of what seemed certain and secure is no longer such, and where divisions in ways of thinking and perceiving seem to be separating us? What are the unique challenges to religious leaders during these times? How can women religious leaders best engage their members in inquiries that stretch their capacity to be transformed by new learning and new ways of comprehending the action of God?

As you read the articles in this issue, we invite you to consider the questions:

  • How do I generally process new information? What conditions are optimal for me to take in new ways of seeing and understanding?
  • How do I interact with others who interpret information in ways that differ from my own understandings?
  • How do I encourage others to explore new ideas and new understandings of the action of God?
  • As a leader, how am I animating the members of our religious institute to perceive the new with openness and receptivity?


  • Re-membered in Darkness:  A Shift Recognized, Realized, and Released
    Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM shares a contemplative reflection on the experiences that have shaped her and how those experiences impact her leadership
  • A Call to Transformation
    In an interview, Maricarmen Bracamontes, OSB speaks of the unique challenges and opportunities facing women religious during these crucial times of major transformation.
  • Readying Ourselves for Change
    Mary Jacksteit of the Public Conversations Project offers insights on how to best create an openness to new ideas within ourselves and our communities
  • What Have you Changed Your Mind About?
    LCWR members Patricia McDermott, RSM; Patricia Crowley, OSB; Laura  Bufano, CSJ and Mary Ellen Dougherty, SSND reflect on the experience of shifting their thinking about significant concepts
  • Pooling the Power of Goodness to Create Change
    Exhibition designer and producer Nancy Seruto offers insights on the what the world might most need from women religious as we move into the future
  • Our Time is Now
    Catherine Bertrand, SSND and Barbara Stanbridge, IHM share ideas on religious life leadership from the perspective of new religious.
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