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Winter 2019: A Force for Good: Activating Compassion

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A Force for Good: Activating Compassion

The Winter 2019 issue of Occasional Papers focuses on the urgent need to activate compassion in the world as a force for good. With the belief that compassion is essential for the healing of our personal and collective wounds, this issue demonstrates the power that the intentional practice of compassion holds. Writers explore how compassion can be a force for good and an antidote to violence and oppression, and how it is an essential part of leadership today. Included in this issue will be:

  • Reflections by leaders on the place of compassion as they led through an experience of crisis in their communities
  • An interview with writer Joyce Rupp on the possibilities that arise from living and leading from a stance of compassion
  • An interview with theologian John Haught on how the concept of an unfinished universe impacts our understandings of suffering and compassion
  • How Theory U and “presencing” can increase our capacity to live compassionately
  • The use of social media to increase compassion in ourselves and in the world
  • The need to train for love as an antidote to violence
  • Forming religious life leaders for a future that will require compassionate love

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