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Summer 2014: Discernment

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The Summer 2014 issue of Occasional Papers is dedicated to an exploration of discernment through many lenses, including what it means to discern in light of new understandings of the universe.

Writers explore such topics as:

  •  Learnings from the universe that might help us better attune ourselves to the movement of Holy Mystery in our lives.
  • The practice of communal discernment
  • Using the arts in individual and communal discernment
  • Discernment from the perspective of younger religious
  • Discerning the future viability of one's religious institute 
  • A Discerning Lifestyle
    Liz Cummins, OSF shows how the landscape of our surroundings can teach us about living a discerning life
  • Moving into a Deeper Communion
    Liz Sweeney, SSJ offers a model for communal discernment through contemplative dialogue
  • The Discipline of Communal Discernment
    Carole Shinnick, SSND shares observations and insights based on her facilitation experience on the practice of communal discernment
  • Living a Discerning Life in a Complex, Harsh World
    Author and organizational consultant Margaret Wheatley speaks of the challenge of living a discerning and contemplative life while working for positive change in the world
  • Discernment of the Heart
    Doris Klein, CSA reflects on processes and practices that can help us in discerning the movements of God in our lives
  • New Perspectives
    Two newer/younger women religious, Melissa Camardo, SCL and Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ write about the questions that guide their reflection on religious life today and into the future
  • Key Learnings from Our Experience in Discerning Our Future
    Rose Margaret Schneider, OSF shares what the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota have learned as they plan for their community's future
  • When Angels Come Knocking
    Diane Dornan, MHS and Ann Lacour, MSC describe the experience of leading their congregations as they chose to begin a covenant relationship


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