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Summer 2016: Living Transformation

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This issue of Occasional Papers on “Living Transformation” explores the multiple processes of transformation underway in the cosmos and on this planet and how our personal journeys intersect with these larger stories of transformation. Writers explore: What is it that the world needs from us as we individually and corporately undergo transformation – transformation of our understandings of life, of ourselves, and of religious life? Why does it matter that we fully participate in the processes of transformation as we are able? What benefit will our participation in transformation have for the wider world?


  • Becoming a Transforming Presence:  Insights from the Dark Night - Lynn M. Levo, CSJ offers insights on why transformation is needed now and what it requires
  • The Transforming Power of Contemplative Engagement - Catherine Bertrand, SSND explores what we are learning as we grow in our capacity for contemplation
  • Holding Steady:  The Psycho-Social Service of Leadership in Times of Change - Maria L. (Marisa) Guerrin shows how leaders can support members through processes of transformation
  • The Art of Asking Powerful Questions - In an interview, author and consultant Peter Block speaks of how conversations about purpose can be a catalyst for communal transformation
  • 'Tout Es Grace'/ All is Grace' - Helen Garvey, BVM examines the lives of two historical figures to see what moves a person toward deep transformation
  • The Transformational Power of Our Dreams - In an interview, Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor speaks of how individual and collective dream work can lead us more deeply into the processes of transformation.
  • The Transformation is Underway! - LCWR members Jayne Helminger, CSJ; Maureen Foltz, CCV: Yesenia Fernandez, MGSpS; Toby Lardie, HM; Cecilia Dwyer, OSB; Maria Iannuccillo, SSND; Michelle Stachowiak, CSSF; Gloria Marie Jones, OP; Donna Marie Gribshaw, CDP; and Maria Sheila Undang, O Carm share what they see emerging in religious life as it undergoes transformation


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