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Winter 2015: Leadership in the Middle Space

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In her address at the 2014 LCWR assembly Nancy Schreck, OSF explored the concept of living and ministering in what she termed “the middle space.”  As she noted, religious life is currently in a middle passage with “the in-breaking of something new, of major shifts in world view, our cosmology, with the concurrent breakdown of so much of what is familiar.” 

The Winter 2015 issue of Occasional Papers will explore the challenges of embracing religious life in the middle space and the potential of these times. Articles will examine

  • Leadership in the middle space
  • A closer look at the LCWR Call 2015-22 and its relation to the middle space
  • The prophetic identity of religious life for these times
  • Thriving in the middle space
  • Perspectives on religious life in the middle passage from a younger religious
  • The middle space created as one crosses cultures
  • Unmasking long-held assumptions
  • Tending the Gifts in the Dark Places
    Marie McCarthy, SP explores the great need and longing for a resurgence of deep spiritual leadership
  • The Persistent Call:  However Long the Night
    Janet Mock, CSJ unpacks the context and depth of the LCWR Call: 2015-2022 and its challenges to today's leaders
  • The Gift of Uncertainty
    An interview with John Sivalon, MMM who reflects on healthy uncertainty and its potential to lead us to new ways of being in the world
  • The Middle Space: The 'Something New'?
    Miriam D. Ukeritis, CSJ suggests ways for thriving within middle space
  • Singing a Song for the Middle
    Chris Koellhoffer, IHM shows how we might give voice to the longing that is at the heart of the middle
  • After Winter Comes Spring
    Helen Kearney, CSJ shares how she has learned to navigate leadership from the middle space
  • Dancing in the Middle:  An Invitation to Mutual Transformation
    Jung Eun Sophia Park, SNJM explores the middle space created when we cross cultures
  • Moving Through Middle Space: A Dancer's Perspective
    Mary Elaine Anderson, IHM uses dance to shed light on the ministry of leadership in the middle space
  • Bearing Witness Even Through Diminishment
    Maxyne Schneider, CSJ shares lessons learned as her congregation faces significant financial challenges
  • A New Middle Space
    Mindy McDonald, CSJP reflects on middle space from the perspective of a newer woman religious
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