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Winter 2017: Living into Love

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This issue of Occasional Papers on “Living into Love” focuses on the call to explore the mystery of Love and increase our own capacity for inclusive love that compels us toward transformative action for the life of the world. Drawing on ideas and insights raised during the 2016 LCWR assembly, these articles probe concepts on the transformation needed in the world today and the potential that a contemplative stance in life provides for unleashing the energy of inclusive love. Included in this issue is an interview with theologian Cynthia Bourgeault based on her book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, and findings of a survey of US Catholic sisters under the age of 50 on their vision of religious life as it goes into the future. Ideas for living and leading from a space of contemplation and depth are shared.  


  • The Mystery and Art of Living - In an interview, broadcaster and author Krista Tippett shares insights on what our fractured world needs today in order to survive
  • Shaping the Planet with Transformed Love - In an interview, author Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault speaks of the essential work of understanding the radical union and interdependence of all for the sake of the future
  • The Mystery of Love in the Via Collectiva - Gail Worcelo, SGM and Marg Kehoe, PBVM share the discovery that Mystery exists not only within us, but between us
  • No Present Like the Time - Susan M. Sanders, RSM proposes four commitments needed as religious life undergoes radical transformation
  • The Call to Live Love in the 21st Century - Nancy Sylvester, IHM shares what she observes among women religious and their yearning to open to Love
  • Practicing Leadership and Contemplation - LCWR members Evelyn Eckhardt, DW; Ann Jackson, PBVM; and Pat Twohill, OP share how they practice contemplation as religious life leaders
  • Contemplative Reflections of 'Younger' Members - Clinical psychologist Ted Dunn, PhD shares the results of a study asking younger women religious about the work of transformation to bring religious life forward to a viable future
  • For Your Reflection - Ideas for unpacking the insights of these authors and interviewees


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