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Winter 2018 - At the Heart of Our Life

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The Winter 2018 issue of LCWR’s Occasional Papers takes the theme, “At the Heart of Our Life.” For several years, LCWR has been exploring the enormous shift taking place in human evolution and has been asking questions about the role of religious life as this shift occurs. Along with all the changes transpiring in the global community, changes are occurring as well in religious life as it has been known in recent decades. 

As the life undergoes profound transformation, this issue explores what is most at the heart of religious life that makes it of value for these times and for the challenges of the future. What is it that women religious value the most about this life that they wish to nurture and assure will stay strong so that it is not lost as the life undergoes change? What do the people served by religious and the larger global community most need from the presence of religious in the world at this complex, rapidly changing time in the planet’s history? The issue includes an interview with Sandra Schneiders, IHM on living into resurrection.

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