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January 28, 2003: Letters to President Bush by LCWR Executive Committee to use peaceful means to resolve the dispute with Iraq

Dear President Bush:

We as women religious are living with you these times that challenge our courage and our hope.  We believe that we are part of a world community and all people are our brothers and sisters.  We believe, with the founders of our country, the value that you affirmed on January 19, 2003:  “Every human being is endowed with certain unalienable [sic] rights, the most important being the right to life until its natural end.”  We believe that war is not the way to peace; war is the ultimate terrorism that destroys the human family. 

We ask you to continue to work with the United Nations and the world community to resolve the current crisis in Iraq without war.  As women religious who have embraced the Gospel of Jesus, we ask you to use your leadership in the world community to pursue peace rather than war.


Sister Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM 
President, Leadership Conference of Women Religious 

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