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LCWR Disappointed by President Trump’s Decision to Abandon the CPP

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is deeply disappointed by the Trump administration’s decision to abandon the Clean Power Plan (CPP) which sought to reduce carbon pollution and mitigate climate change, limits which are essential to the health and welfare of all people, especially the most vulnerable.

Climate is a common good given to all and for which we are all responsible. Each of us is called to cooperate with God to protect our common home and to care for all of God’s creation.  We believe, with Pope Francis, that all nations have “a clear, definitive, and ineluctable ethical imperative to act” on climate change. None more so than the United States as we, historically, have been the world’s largest carbon polluter.

In his Encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis, reminds us of our biblical call to live in right relationship and to cooperate with God’s design for our world. We call on Congress to seek a bipartisan solution to end the continued poisoning of our air, water, and land and we challenge all to make personal and communal choices to protect Earth and all who call this planet home.

LCWR is an association of leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States. The conference has more than 1300 members, who represent more than 38,800 women religious in the United States. Founded in 1956, LCWR assists its members to collaboratively carry out their service of leadership to further the mission of the Gospel in today’s world.

October 11, 2017

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