Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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LCWR Members Probe ‘Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst’ at National Assembly

Approximately 750 participants met in Nashville, Tennessee from August 12-15 in an assembly focusing on “Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst.” The participants come from all regions of the United States and several other countries.

Key events during the assembly included:

  • Presidential Address: Sister Carol Zinn, SSJ (August 13)
  • Panel Presentation: Experiencing Holy Mystery in Our Midst: A Conversation Among Leaders – Nancy Conway, CSJ; Margaret Ormond, OP; Ana Lydia Sonera Matos, CDP (August 13)
  • Keynote address: “However Long the Night” – Sister Nancy Schreck, OSF (August 14 and 15)
  • Justice Event - A New Energy Vision:  The Time is NOW! (August 14)
  • Affirmation of a seven-year strategic process for LCWR (August 14)
  • Presentation of the 2014 LCWR Outstanding Leadership Award to Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ (August 15)
  • Discussion of the doctrinal assessment of LCWR by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (August 12 and 15)
  • Election of Sister Marcia Allen, CSJ as president-elect, and Mary Beth Gianoli, OSF as secretary
  • Passage of two assembly resolutions on:
    • the transition to renewable energy sources
    • The repudiation of the doctrine of discovery (asking Pope Francis to formally repudiate the period of Christian history that used religion to justify political and personal violence against indigenous nations and peoples (copies of the resolution are included in the press packet)

Copies of the addresses, photos of the events, and other information are available.