Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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New Leaders Initiative

An Exploration of the Gifts, Challenges, Joys, and Graces of Serving in Elected Leadership

This is an offering for all LCWR members who are new to elected leadership within the past three years.

The core of the experience will consist of joining four facilitated Zoom meetings with LCWR members who are also new to elected leadership.  The meetings will be spread throughout the coming year.  (Dates and times for the Zoom meetings will be determined once registration is complete).

Each of the meetings will be an hour and a half long and will include

  • shared reflection and contemplative dialogue around some specific aspect of elected leadership
  • the sharing of insights and wisdom related to the topic
  • an exploration of how these insights can assist us as we meet the daily challenges and demands of elected leadership
  • There will be an opportunity to bring specific challenges and concerns to the conversation and to hear the wiscom and insights of others related to those challenges.

We strongly encourage you to signup for this opportunity to share with others who are new to elcted leadership.  The registration form can be found below.  Please register by October 2nd