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Leadership Pathways

Leadership Pathways
Leadership Pathways

Leadership Pathways is process designed to engage the entire membership of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the ongoing process of becoming transformational leaders. It consists of three distinct iniatives, each designed to assist elected leaders in deepening their capacity to lead from within in a way that is transformative for themselves and for their congregations.

Initiative One invites the entire LCWR membership to engage, first with their leadership teams and then in their regional meetings, in a series of courageous conversations focused on the emerging future of religious life.

Initiative Two invites interested members to form learning cohorts to engage in an online learning lab. These learning labs are designed to fit into the daily life and demands of elected leaders to enhance their capacity to lead from an integrated contemplative space within themselves, and to respond more effectively to the challenges and opportunities present in the ministry of leadership. Participants will form learning groups that can serve as sounding boards and wisdom circles for dealing with the complexities of leadership today.

Pilot groups for initiative two will be forming this fall and will work together from January to June of 2014.

Initiaitve Three invites members who wish to explore the implications of evolutionary consciousness on their role as women religious leaders to form a self-directed online learning lab. This learning lab will focus on the intersection of emerging consciousness, the Christian tradition, and religious leadership for the future. Ilia Delio, OSF will provide the content and process for the learning lab.

What is Leadership Pathways?

Leadership Pathways is a learning-lab in transformational leadership, not a program about leadership.

Who is it for?

Anyone currently serving in elected leadership.

Why should I participate?

Leadership Pathways will offer you processes, tools, resources, information, and – most importantly – companions on the journey of navigating the challenges of leadership today.

How does Initiative Two work?

Initiative Two is designed to fit into, and assist you with, the daily demands of leadership. Participants will engage in some focused reading and reflection on their own, will engage in exercises that connect the topic and material to real situations in their leadership experience, and will spend 1 ½ hours per month online with their learning cohort. The online engagement will be guided by a group mentor.

How many modules will I need to participate in?

Each module will stand on its own and you can take as many or as few as you wish.

What’s the time frame for each module?

Each learning cohort will set its own schedule for working together. Ordinarily work on an individual module should be completed within a 6-month period.

What's the time commitment?

1 hour per week of personal preparation
1 ½ hours per month of online group engagement

Do I need to participate in the modules in any particular order?

Apart from the initial module which will establish the processes and ways of working together you will be able to participate in the modules in any order that suits you.

What if I’m not technologically savvy?

Leadership Pathways will employ user-friendly, easy- to-learn technology and will provide assistance in getting started for those who need it.

How do I join a learning cohort?

You can sign up as an individual to participate in a learning cohort. Alternately you can sign up as a leadership team to participate together or you can form your own learning cohort. In all instances, registration for participation will take place through the associate director for programs at LCWR.

Will there be any opportunity to meet with other members of the cohort in person?

While the experience is being designed to work as an online experience, there is no reason that the learning cohorts could not meet together if time and circumstances allow.

Tell me about the mentors.

All the mentors for Leadership Pathways will be women who have experience in elected leadership. Each learning cohort will be assigned a group mentor to accompany the group as members interact together. In addition, a list of available mentors will be provided for anyone who wishes an individual mentor.

When will Leadership Pathways start?

Pilot groups are forming now and will run from January to June 2014. As additional modules are ready for use notification will be sent to members.

What does it cost?

Costs will be waived for participants in the pilot groups.


The deadline for applying to participate in one of the pilot groups is October 30, 2013. Participation is limited. Persons will be accepted in the order in which their registrations are received,

For additional information contact Marie McCarthy, SP at or 301-588-4955, ext. 237. To sign up to participate in a pilot group please send your name and contact information to Carol Glidden,