Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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2016-2017: Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation

Like budgets and calendars, annual reports communicate something about who we are and what we value. They’re intended to render accountability. They tell the story of where our time, our energy, and our money went. They recall our aspirations and reflect our reality. They are a snapshot of a segment of an organization’s life, and read from year to year they unfold a unique narrative of mission, vision, values, and activity. 

As we look forward to our 2017 assembly, the pages ahead are intended to be all of this and more for our conference. Inspired by the theme of the 2016 assembly, Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation, this report is the story – in words and images – of faithful leaders rooted in our identity as ecclesial women embracing daily mysteries of all kinds and experiencing the power of transformation in ourselves, our congregations, and our conference. 


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