Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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LCWR Annual Report 2017-2018

The 2017 LCWR assembly encouraged our conference to continue exploring the emerging narrative of communion. We could not have imagined then, the different ways communion would be required. The hurricane season would devastate Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Fires would ravage California. As we prepare for our upcoming gathering, we watch in disbelief as the volcanic activity in Hawaii bursts out lava. And the list of natural calamities is endless if we turn to the rest of the world.

The forceful signs of nature would have been enough to assure us of the desperate need for communion around us; but, the spiraling of the epidemic of violence held even more potent signs. We watched in horror as the stories of Las Vegas, Southerland Springs, Parkland, and Santa Fe, Texas unraveled. Then we saw our young people and children raise their voices -- shouting “enough!”  -- all over the country. We have witnessed the powerful call those voices bring to us. All of them calling us to communion.  (Read more by downloading document below.)

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