Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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The 2018 LCWR assembly gave us a theme rich in layers of meaning: Being the Presence of Love:  The Power of Communion. We felt that power of communion as we processed in silence together and stood on the steps of St. Louis’ Old Courthouse, witnessing against the evils of racism. Our assembly theme would continue to unfold for us throughout the year ahead. As our country and world grew seemingly ever more divided, we women religious witnessed to and were witnesses of the power of communion. 

From the experience of communion at the assembly we returned to our communities and witnessed the power of communion as we responded to needs at the border with volunteers, donations, marches, and petitions. We witnessed the power of communion as the sexual abuse crisis and #MeToo movement continued to unfold and survivors came forth and found strength in one another. We felt the power of communion as we raised our voices with people of all faiths to condemn attacks on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, on a mosque in New Zealand, and on churches in Sri Lanka. And most recently we witnessed the power of communion when the world grieved with the people of Paris and thousands donated to the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral. (To continue reading, download the PDF document below.)


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