Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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Annual Report 2007-08 - The Next Frontier: Religious Life at the Edge of Tomorrow

The theme of this annual report, The Next Frontier: Religious Life at the Edge of Tomorrow, engenders a certain optimism and hope among us, the presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. There is something about being on the frontier that stirs imagination, shakes one out of “settling in,” and encourages one to shed what is no longer needed. 

What a gift it is to witness the commitment and courage of so many pioneers like you, the leaders who live on the edge of something new!

We, women religious, continue to move beyond the borders. After all, settling in is not an option for pioneers. When pioneers move into the frontier, they are changed significantly by what they encounter. We, too, continue to change as we reconfigure our congregations, creatively use our property and resources, and draw from a wealth of experience we have in ministering, living, and praying together.

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