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Annual Reports

2020 - 2021

What an extraordinary year this has been. Our lives and world were upended by an historic global health pandemic that has sickened 175 million people and taken the lives of nearly 4 million, including many of our sisters, family members, and friends. Our hearts were rent by a surge in our nation’s endemic racism -- a viral disease that continues to sicken our souls, ravage the lives of our Black, brown, indigenous, and Asian sisters and brothers, and subvert our democracy. 

2019-2020 - Imagining Leadership in a Global Community

The theme for the 2019 LCWR assembly proved to be prophetic: “Imagining Leadership in a Global Community.” The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and our deepened awakening to systemic racisim have clearly shown the interconnectedness of humanity and creation. 

The coronavirus has had a particularly profound impact on our lives. As the pandemic spread, leaders have been tapping into their creativity and imaginations, finding new streams of connection and solidarity in our global sisterhood.


The 2018 LCWR assembly gave us a theme rich in layers of meaning: Being the Presence of Love:  The Power of Communion. We felt that power of communion as we processed in silence together and stood on the steps of St. Louis’ Old Courthouse, witnessing against the evils of racism. Our assembly theme would continue to unfold for us throughout the year ahead. As our country and world grew seemingly ever more divided, we women religious witnessed to and were witnesses of the power of communion. 

LCWR Annual Report 2017-2018

The 2017 LCWR assembly encouraged our conference to continue exploring the emerging narrative of communion. We could not have imagined then, the different ways communion would be required. The hurricane season would devastate Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Fires would ravage California. As we prepare for our upcoming gathering, we watch in disbelief as the volcanic activity in Hawaii bursts out lava. And the list of natural calamities is endless if we turn to the rest of the world.

2016-2017: Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation

Like budgets and calendars, annual reports communicate something about who we are and what we value. They’re intended to render accountability. They tell the story of where our time, our energy, and our money went. They recall our aspirations and reflect our reality. They are a snapshot of a segment of an organization’s life, and read from year to year they unfold a unique narrative of mission, vision, values, and activity. 

2015 - 2016: Springs of the Great Deep Burst Forth: Meeting the Thirsts of the World

Mystery and Transformation

The journey continues! From our 2015 assembly we move from meeting the thirsts of the world through the springs of the Great Deep bursting forth, those waters of life flowing in and through us, to living the mystery of transformation -- our 2016 theme. Those waters meeting the thirsts of our world took the shape of a multitude of works, services to the world through our conference’s central office, and through the regions’ individual members.

2014 - 2015: Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst

2014-2015 LCWR Annual Report

Nashville, 2014: LCWR members gathered from all parts of the country to reflect on “Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst.” The hotel ballroom pulsed with the Spirit, as hundreds of women listened in contemplative space for Holy Mystery to reveal deeper wisdom.

2013-2014: Leadership Evolving: Graced, Grounded & Free

2013-2014 LCWR Annual Report

Throughout this past year, the “Francis Effect” touched the minds and hearts of all peoples around the globe. With simple words, humble actions, and loving embraces, Pope Francis welcomed everyone to the heart of God as did Jesus in his own culture and history. LCWR members joined the rest of the world in witnessing the transformation generated by one, single, faithful follower of Christ, our brother religious, Francis.

2012-2013: Navigating the Shifts

LCWR Annual Report 2012-2013

Navigating the Shifts 

During last year’s assembly, Barbara Marx Hubbard described a world in flux in the midst of comprehensive paradigm shifts poised for a cosmic break through. Putting her presidential address in that context, Pat Farrell, OSF suggested tools to help us navigate these tumultuous times with trust and a spirit of adventure:  contemplation, prophecy, solidarity with the marginalized, community, non-violence, and joyful hope.

Annual Report 2011-2012: Mystery Unfolding

LCWR Annual Report 2011-2012

Our LCWR annual assemblies are bookends, holding between them a variety of texts. A theme connects the volumes, but each is penned with the distinct flavor of a specific region. Sometimes, as was the case this year, there is a turn of events that leads to a surprise ending, or more accurately, to a still-evolving story line that we construct together. Mystery is the predominant genre.

Annual Report 2010-11: Behold, I Am Doing Something New

Praying with texts describing the days of the early church — texts often read during the Easter season – can lead us to wonder what it was like to live in this time of new birth. The courage, the generosity, and the living faith of the early disciples were extraordinary. That time can lead us to recall the conversations that generated so much excitement in the days following the Second Vatican Council. There was a heightened emphasis upon the study of both charisms and scripture. There was an eagerness to experiment and to deepen our fidelity to religious life.

Annual Report 2009-10: Creating in Chaos

Looking over a year of challenges, contrasts, and commitments, we find ourselves immersed in the Paschal Mystery as we conclude the initial decade of this 21stcentury. One cannot place theoretical observations on the great mysteries that fidelity requires. As the Paschal Mystery women found themselves in a chaos they neither desired nor chose, so too with us!  

Annual Report 2008-09: Midwiving New Life

We have framed our reflections, vision, and directions this year with the challenge of Midwiving a Vibrant Future. At the 2008 assembly Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ reawakened our spiritual call to Climb the Holy Mountains before us in our present reality as religious leaders.

Annual Report 2007-08 - The Next Frontier: Religious Life at the Edge of Tomorrow

The theme of this annual report, The Next Frontier: Religious Life at the Edge of Tomorrow, engenders a certain optimism and hope among us, the presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. There is something about being on the frontier that stirs imagination, shakes one out of “settling in,” and encourages one to shed what is no longer needed. 

What a gift it is to witness the commitment and courage of so many pioneers like you, the leaders who live on the edge of something new!

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