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April 2015

April 2015 LCWR Newsletter
April 2015 LCWR Newsletter

The Journey Through Middle Space

by Sharon Holland, IHM -- LCWR President

As we continue our Lenten journey toward Easter, we are aware once again of being in “middle space.”  We are on the way, but have not arrived. We hope to participate in our transformation and to contribute to the transformation of our war-torn world.

I am reminded of the recent 50th anniversary of the Selma March for racial justice, now commonly referred to as “bloody Sunday.” In his address to the crowds, John Lewis, who narrowly survived that event, also spoke of a middle space. We have come a long way, he declared, but there is still much to do to redeem the soul of America. This is a journey much longer than 40 days, or even 40 years. (Read more by going to the PDF version of the newsletter below)

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