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August/September 2015

LCWR Newsletter -- August/September 2015
LCWR Newsletter -- August/September 2015

A Life of Contemplation for the Life of the World

by Carol Zinn, SSJ -- LCWR Past President

As we prepare for our 2015 assembly in Houston, with its theme, “Springs of the Great Deep Burst Forth: Meeting the Thirsts of the World,” it is increasingly clear that we have heard the promptings of Spirit calling us deeper and deeper into the very Heart of God. This call to contemplative prayer, contemplative space, contemplative processes, contemplative stance, and contemplative decision-making creates both a hunger and a home in us. We fed our hunger time and time again, especially these past few years as we embraced the many challenges set before us, and we found our home, together, as we returned again and again to the person and place of Holy Mystery, God-With-Us. It was this hunger and home that grounded, graced, and freed us to be faithful. And it is this hunger and home that continues to guide, gather, and fashion us to remain faithful.

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