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August/September 2018

A Fine Mingling

by Mary Pellegrino, CSJ -- LCWR Past-President

I know that the slow work of God about which Teilhard de Chardin wrote so eloquently really refers to the activity of grace or the glacier-like pace of evolution and human development. But if he had to extricate himself out of my office after 10 years of congregational leadership I’m pretty sure he’d include that in the lexicon of things that constitute the slow work of God. I know I do.

Although I’ve been anticipating this transition out of elected leadership for quite a while, I’ve only gotten serious about it since our chapter ended earlier this month. I’ve been spending time each day packing personal items, sorting books, purging files. I’ve filled the shredding bin twice, am on my way to filling the recycling one, have a box ready for the archives, and perhaps most importantly, a larger box filled with items for the motherhouse’s monthly prize bingo game. No one can accuse me of not doing my part for the care and well-being of my sisters.

Today as I was quickly sorting through a basket of personal cards, letters, and notes, I came across one from a sister written a year or so ago when she was preparing to undergo a hip replacement. On the cover was a sentiment by Havelock Ellis, a British author, physician, and social reformer. It reads:  “The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” (Continue reading by downloading the PDF of the newsletter below.)

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