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December 2013

LCWR Newsletter - December 2013
LCWR Newsletter - December 2013
Are We Almost There?

by Sharon Holland, IHM

Are we almost there?

How many journeys have been punctuated by this question as children become impatient, waiting to see Grandma … to see gifts … to go sledding?

We do a lot of waiting. We wait for planes, for appointments, for test results. The elderly wait for the phone to ring, for a visit, for the social security check to come. Immigrants await news of a relative in detention and of laws opening a path to citizenship. People of all classes wait in lines at job fairs, while others wait for news of a college scholarship. Mothers wait for sons and daughters to come home from work or from a date in their high risk neighborhood. Survivors of natural disasters await news of missing family members and convoys with food and water.  Read more by downloading the newsletter.

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