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December 2014

LCWR Newsletter - December 2014
LCWR Newsletter - December 2014

Yes! God so loved the world … (John 3:16)

by Marcia Allen, CSJ

Christmas is upon us. Gifts abound, or, the pressure of preparing them! We wonder how to move through the press of gala events, community and family expectations, decorating and gifting. Through it all, however, runs the reality of that single-focused Gift. Caught up in Christmas fever our very being longs for the deep still silence when the always-here God will once again recall us to ourselves and rebirth in us the memory of Incarnate Presence.

The event of Christmas, for all its commercialism, sparks our religious imaginations. Our Christian memory shakes from the foils of the frenetic pre-Christmas-induced exhaustion and cynicism, the Mystery of God’s outpouring of the Godself into the world as human. Here in the amazing Feast of Christmas we remember all over again our human life’s meaning.  Here is the One who will teach us what God is like. Here is the One who will teach us what being human is like. Once again, at Christmas we prepare to follow this One into the real meaning of life. (Download PDF of newsletter to continue reading)

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