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Election 2016: An Imperfect Choice in an Imperfect World

by Simone Campbell, SSS -- Executive Director of NETWORK

I write this piece peering into the dark of the future, puzzled and worried. I can’t say what will happen, but I trust that God is alive in this moment too.


As I travel around the country I have encountered a variety of responses to this presidential election cycle. I’ve met families whose food stamps (and food security) have been reduced by state policies, and they don’t know how they will get by. I’ve met a woman in Kansas who was very worried that her daughter would never pay off the debt from college but was committed to making sure her daughter had an education. In Seattle I met a waitress in her early 40’s raising two children who told me that her wages are not enough for anything but the daily bills, even with the raise that Seattle voted on earlier this year. She said that when she has an unexpected bill she has to pawn something to get the money to pay it. It is abundantly clear that there are so many families walking on the edge of survival... (To read more, download the document below.)


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