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February 2014

LCWR Newsletter -- February 2014
LCWR Newsletter -- February 2014

Our Dreams Soar Higher

by Florence Deacon, OSF -- LCWR Past President

Recently Sisters Carol Zinn, Sharon Holland, Janet Mock and I had a team building and planning session at the Jersey Shore. The final morning I took an invigorating walk along the beach, watching the sun streak across the waves for the first time since we arrived. I had been trying to coordinate breaks in our meeting with breaks from the drizzle and fog, and was finally successful!

I have a vivid memory of the first time I flew in an airplane which broke through the rain clouds and soared into bright sunshine that dazzled my eyes. I hadn’t realized there was sun above the drizzle! My reflections on The Gospel of Joy have similarly helped me soar into the sunshine above. I’ve been inspired by how Pope Francis pointed out new paths for the church’s journey and new ways to adapt the Gospel to our time with the use of vivid imagery. His descriptive words often stop me in my tracks, make me smile, and then take a second look. (see rest inside)


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