Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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February 2015

Incline Our Hearts, O God

by Carol Zinn, SSJ - LCWR Past President

For the shortest month on the western calendar, February 2015 invites a fullness that defies its brevity. Whether we consider the international, national, or ecclesial remembrances, February provides opportunities for an examination of heart, conscience, and consciousness.

The global community designates a week of World Interfaith Harmony (2/2-8); World Cancer Awareness Day (2/4); World Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (2/6); World Radio Day (2/13); World Day of Social Justice (2/20); and International Mother Language Day (2/21). How inclined are our hearts to the need for and purpose of these days? Can we participate in the global community’s recognition of these themes in some way so as to have our hearts go to the periphery where people are impacted by these realities? (Click on PDF below to view reflection in its entirety as well as the other contents of this newsletter.)

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