Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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February 2018


by Mary Pellegrino, CSJ -- LCWR Past President

“If we think seriously about our unfinished cosmos.. . .we shall have to entertain new thoughts about everything, about who we are and where we are going, and about the meaning of our lives.” -- John Haught, The New Cosmic Story, Inside Our Awakening Universe

I was startled when I first read Haught’s sentiment because, in fact, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about unfinishedness.  And maybe some of you have, too.  As my congregation prepares for Chapter later this year and anticipates the vibrancy of that collective moment with the freshness that will follow, our Leadership Team has been tending to the question of “What can we finish or accomplish in the remainder of our term?”

Some things we will and indeed have finished. Others are underway and will remain unfinished, and still other things, not yet begun, we’ll commend to our successors.  Read more by downloading the newsletter below.


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