Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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February 2020

Challenges and Gifts of Intercultural Living

by Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ -- LCWR President

The topic most capturing my attention these days is intercultural living. Our congregation has long had women from other-than-the- dominant culture entering, specifically, Chinese, Filipina, and Latina. These women were the minority within their “bands” and assimilated into the congregational culture over the years. 

In the past 15 years, and especially the last 10 years, those entering the congregation are predominantly other than Anglo. Our newer members are Latina, Filipina, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese. Three other of our newer members were born and raised in Germany, Poland, and S. Korea. We have much work to do as this new decade unfolds if we are to embrace interculturality.

As a congregation, we are on a transformative journey that is awakening ourselves to the tremendous challenges and opportunities that are ours to explore and embrace at this moment in time. (to continue reading, download PDF version of newsletter below)


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