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January 2014

Negative Capability: A New Year's Resolution?

by Carol Zinn, SSJ, LCWR President

No doubt, you are already asking yourself, "What kind of title is that for the beginning of a new calendar year?" What happened to Happy New Year?

Well, I was reflecting on Janus, the Roman God of the doorway (from the Latin word, iauna, meaning door), with two faces looking in opposite directions: backward to reflect on what is now "certain" and forward to what is uncertain. My reflection led me to wonder of what LCWR is certain as we look back and what is uncertain as we look to 2014? Further, I wondered how will LCWR continue to maintain the capacity to live, fully, between certainty and uncertainty? And, finally, I contemplated what life would feel like if LCWR practiced this "doorway visioning" beyond the month of January?


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