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July 2013

LCWR Newsletter - July 2013
LCWR Newsletter - July 2013


Don’t be a Starched Christian

by Florence Deacon, OSF

I was amused recently when I read a homily in which Pope Francis cautioned us not to become “starched Christians” but rather “courageous” ones. During the Pentecost Vigil he admonished, "We cannot become starched Christians, those overeducated Christians who speak of theological matters as they calmly sip their tea. No! We must become courageous Christians and go in search of the people who are the very flesh of Christ, those who are the flesh of Christ!”


Starched Christians who discuss theology calmly sipping their tea…  What a picture. And courageous Christians who go in search of people who are the body of Christ…  What a contrast. I have been delighting in both the imagery and spontaneity of Pope Francis’ refreshing way of calling Catholics to live the Gospel today.

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