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June 2018

Why Do Women Need the Catholic Church?

by Sharlet Wagner, CSC -- LCWR President-Elect

The campus minister of a Catholic women’s college invited me to speak in April to a group of students. He explained that young women are leaving the church in large numbers, and the campus ministry staff hears students question why women should remain part of this institution. He asked me to speak to why the Catholic Church needs women, and why women need the Catholic Church.

Why the Catholic Church needs women was easy for me, but I found the second part of the topic unexpectedly challenging to address. What could I say to young women who look at our church and question whether they have a place in it? What could I say to young women who have grown up with an expectation that women and men will have equal access to leadership positions, and be equally enabled to develop and use their gifts? (to continue reading, download the PDF of the newsletter below)


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