Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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March 2017

LCWR March 2017 Newsletter
LCWR March 2017 Newsletter

One Stitch at a Time…

by Teresa Maya, CCVI -- LCWR President-Elect

The rhythm of abuela’s hands was masterful with a needle. Lately, as I turn away from anxious newscasts or intense social media posts, I find myself wandering back to those quiet evenings with the comforting peace of her sewing. The social fabric that has held our lives is tearing-- the principles of citizenship, the values of our democracies, the common good that holds us together. We are experiencing an intensification of the breakdown of the institutions we have known. This has been coming for a while. Why did we think it could happen elsewhere in the world but not here? Yet our hearts know that this time of tearing is also a call to reweaving. When faced with a seemingly impossible sewing project, that had no end in sight, abuela would advise, “un punto a la vez” (one stich at a time). Today we must begin anew. We are called to reweave a new social fabric, that can hold everyone that will welcome the stranger… one stitch at a time.  Read the rest of this reflection by downloading the newsletter below.

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