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May 2012

May 2012 Update
May 2012 Update

We are Participants in God's Unfolding Paschal Mystery

This glorious season in which we celebrate the Pascal Mystery invites us, once again, to plumb the depths of our own understanding and experience. As I look back to the beginning of the season of preparation — Lent — I can remember spending time thinking and praying about how I would spend those days. There were a number of good and holy endeavors that were on my list of Lenten resolutions. However, this Lent, as in so many others, God moved me to put aside the list and to do something far more demanding. This Lent was the time in which I needed to watch my closest and dearest friend make the journey back to God.

If you are blessed, you know what it is to have such a friend. He or she is one with an enormous capacity to listen, to hold the secrets of your heart, and to help you reflect upon your own reality with wisdom. They pour their own gifts out to us and to others, over and over again. Such a friend knows us better than ourselves and continually encourages us to bring our talents forward rather than trying to hide them under the bushel.

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Mary Hughes, OP, Past President

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