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November 2018

From Memoria Histórica to Memoria Mística

by Teresa Maya, CCVI - LCWR Past President

When this newsletter is sent out, what the Salvadoran people have known for many years will have been confirmed by our church: Oscar Romero is a saint. 

Many of our communities were touched, torn, and transformed by the tumultuous years in Central America when Oscar Romero was pastor of a suffering church. I wondered during this canonization, what would he be preaching about today? As we continue to advocate for a more humane immigration system that does not separate families, we are reminded these are the descendants of the people he stood with. As another caravan leaves Honduras headed for the US border, we are reminded that the political situation in Central America is the result of failed or neglectful US foreign policy. Oscar Romero’s voice is indeed rising again in his people; how are we listening? And, what new responses are called for at this time?

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