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Oceans in Peril: Acidification

by Jo Ann Showalter, SP

“….the evidence of an advanced illness in the global ocean seems ineluctable. It is as though a cancer whose primary site is the atmosphere has metastasized to the ocean, making the disease far harder to treat. After checking the vital signs, I’ve begun to think that the ocean is in palliative care and I a mute witness to its death rattle.” --  Science journalist Alanna Mitchell, Seasick

The Pacific Northwest and Alaska are areas of great natural beauty that include vistas of the Pacific Ocean that are unequaled anywhere. Recreational areas and ocean breezes present opportunities to rest and relax. Seen but not always noticed are the fleets of fisher folk who buoy the economy and support the nutritional health of those who enjoy eating seafood. Many indigenous peoples of the Northwest and Alaska are dependent on healthy fisheries for their main source of protein and economic well-being. Also, major components of Northwest aqua-business are many family owned businesses such as oyster farms.

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