Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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October 2013

LCWR Newsletter - October 2013
LCWR Newsletter - October 2013

by Carol Zinn, SSJ

As I sit to write this reflection on September 16, I am aware that it is one month since our gathering at the LCWR Assembly in Orlando, FL. The theme of the Assembly, “Leadership Evolving: Graced, Grounded & Free” remains with me and continues to deepen as so many world events unfold in the days since our meeting. What will be the outcome of the international community’s efforts in relation to the horrendous violence in Syria? Where will the 40-day Fast for Comprehensive and Compassionate Immigration Reform touch into the hearts of our Congressional representatives? What will emerge from the initial gathering of the church governance commission appointed by Pope Francis? Truly, what is needed today, in all sectors of our world is leadership that is graced, grounded and free!


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