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October 2017

The Staying Power of Mercy

 by Teresa Maya, CCVI - LCWR President

The news has been overwhelming. As I write this Mexico continues to search through the rubble in the hope of finding one more survivor of the devastating earthquakes. Puerto Rico´s power grid is indefinitely down and families search on social media for loved ones. The cities and islands flooded and flattened by hurricanes “H through M” on the Gulf and Caribbean are still coming to terms with loss. Our DACA young men and women are once again left on legal limbo and healthcare for the most vulnerable continues to be a “political option.” Tensions with North Korea continue to escalate. St Louis is once again struggling with its racial divide. And James Martin, SJ has been “uninvited” in a tragic failure of openness. Not to mention the flooding in South East Asia and Nigeria.

Just one month, and the list feels interminable. This time even the news couldn’t keep up. The scope of human tragedy that has surrounded us makes me feel helpless, and yes, sometimes hopeless.


I find it hard to believe that it has been only a month since we left our national assembly, only a month since Connie Fitzgerald, OCD decidedly reminded us that the times we live in demand we “live through Christ into an orientation toward relationship.” How have we brought that insight to the endless hours we spent watching the soaked weathercasters boast wind speeds and trajectories? How have we brought our conversations about communion from the assembly to the overwhelming present we are living?  Continue reading by downloading PDF document below.


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