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Praying in These Emergent Times

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The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) presents a new book, Praying in These Emergent Times, a reflective resource for our spiritual journey. The cosmology and theologies that have influenced us for centuries had us reflecting on one aspect of God – God as eternal, changeless, timeless, abiding. The new cosmology is helping us comprehend emerging concepts of God as also unfolding, relational, and not outside of time and space but within its very fabric. In this book we would like to explore what it means to understand these two aspects of God. How is a realization of these two aspects of God shaping the ways in which we pray? How is it influencing our way of being in the world today?

Praying in These Emergent Times provides reflections by LCWR members where they share the images, stories, symbols, and questions that are shaping how they encounter God and how they pray. Artwork by Catholic sisters will accompany the reflections, as well as questions and suggestions for deepening the reader’s own prayer.


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