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The Right to Water

LCWR Resolutions to Action - Winter 2013
LCWR Resolutions to Action - Winter 2013

Raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, I never did learn to swim. The cold, cold water took my breath away. Yet this did not hinder my enjoyment of water as “speaker of wisdom” in my life. In reflecting on the topic, I realized water has been a focus in my annual retreats. A retreat in southern Mississippi offered the luxury of a swimming pool. I came prepared with my floatation device. In the midst of enjoying my swim, while thanking God for water, the realization struck me that God has been my floatation device; carrying me through life. At a retreat near a spring, the walk down from the hills, reminded me that the descent of water over the stones and pebbles gave it a song to sing; telling me that life is not lived without obstacles that challenge me to grow. Another memorable retreat, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, told me it was time to move out of my head and into my heart, as the ocean told of  “deep calling unto deep” (Ps. 42); the Lord ministering to me from the depths of the heart of God.  (Download attached document to read more)


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