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Summer 2018

We Are Made for These Times

Eileen Haynes, SCL

We are in the midst of another summer that typically provides days to relax and enjoy time with our friends and family. This particular summer also seems to be flavored with a growing awareness of fear, division, tribalism, and disrespect. There is almost a daily experience of “breaking news” throughout our country and world that in one way or another demonstrates the urgency of remaining committed to mending the brokenness in our world.

Polarization continues to permeate the grassroots level in our country even as it is also felt throughout our world. It is encouraged by government leaders. Scripture is used to justify the separation of parents from their children. Violence is condoned under the guise of the right to bear arms. A person’s skin color influences and justifies actions made by law enforcement. The US Supreme Court upholds the travel ban against Muslims. Our government has announced its withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council. (to continue reading, download the PDF document below)

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