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Update (April 2011)

Readying Ourselves for Resurrection

My congregation is located in the Northeast region of the United States. This winter has been a real winter! There was an abundance of snow, particularly during the month of January. Recently, there has been an abundance of rain. There have been many days and nights that have held an abundance of wind. As I write this reflection, I am aware that everything in me aches to see something growing from the earth and being called into bloom. I long for even longer days filled with daylight and for the warmth of the sun. I always long for Lent to be over so I can leap into the joy of the resurrection, bypassing the number of days that might invite me to fasting, to additional prayer, and to almsgiving.

While much of the beauty that is spring comes gratuitously from God, the beauty that is to come can be made ready and enhanced if I do the necessary work. The ground can be cleared of weeds and fertilized so that when planting can occur, the soil awaits the seeds and the plants in fertile readiness. The tilled ground enables bulbs to emerge from their seeming grave with greater ease.  Washing the grime of winter storms from the windows enables the light to enter my home without the filter of dust and rain stains. These simple things make me feel as though God and I are partnering to showcase all that is to come.

by Mary Hughes, OP — LCWR President

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